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Diana’s Pets & Trophies, Ltd. has best pet food and treats available on the market. We are a dependable retailer of ACANA, ORIJEN, and Nutrience dog and cat foods in Edson and Hinton, AB. Learn more about our pet food brands below.


The Healthiest Foods Are Made at Home
ACANA is as passionate about their food as they are about our dogs. For more than 25 years, they have been preparing their products in their own kitchens. Today, they offer you a new class of meat-based pet food that mirrors your dog’s evolutionary diet.

ACANA stays involved in all aspects of their food preparation, from where they get their products to each cooking, quality, and safety process. They obtain their ingredients from reliable local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. If you want to give your pet a healthy treat, drop by Diana’s Pets & Trophies and get ACANA foods.


Nourish as Nature Intended
Trusted by pet lovers everywhere, award-winning ORIJEN foods and treats are guaranteed to keep your cherished dogs and cats happy, healthy and strong!

For over 30 years, ORIJEN® has been helping dogs and cats unlock their biological potential by feeding them as nature intended. As the fullest expression of Biologically Appropriate nutrition, ORIJEN diets feature unmatched amounts of WholePrey animal ingredients, providing the protein-rich food your dog and cat were born to eat.


Made With Purpose
Nutrience uses the finest North American ingredients to create their exceptional pet food, and all of their products are backed by their “No Bad Anything” promise. They also utilize a unique small-batch production process to ensure superior control.

Each bag that Nutrience produces represents the company’s constant attention to quality and dedication to wholesome, natural nutrition. Visit Diana’s Pets & Trophies and pick up a bag for your beloved pet on your way home!


Inspired by world-class athletes
Nulo grain-free dog food is made with real meat and features high-quality ingredients to provide premium nutrition for your pet. Nulo dog food lines come in all the flavours your dog will love, including beef, chicken and salmon.

Nulo dog food and puppy food provide your pet with the nutrition he needs for daily activity and health. Nulo’s formulas are low-carb, which is designed to help keep your dog active. Whether your dog has allergies or dietary needs, you can feel confident that Nulo provides a variety of types of food to meet his specific needs.


Canadian Natural

Over 50 years of experience
Canadian Naturals take their products very seriously: producing the safest product possible via their Safe Quality Food Program. They stand abide the most stringent certification in the pet food industry by cooking their products their very own in SQF3 & HACCP certified West Coast Kitchen.

Canadian Naturals is committed to producing the highest quality product at the best price value. Rest assured when you purchase products made by Canadian Naturals they will use Canadian Regional Ingredients without the use of any GMOs!

Frozen Raw Food Diet

It’s like Paleo for Pups!
Raw dog food is a type of diet consisting of raw ingredients like meat, vegetables, fruits and sometimes ingredients like bones. The diet can be stored frozen, which increases the shelf life and helps with food safety, just as you might store raw meat in the freezer for your own meals.

There are several companies that offer packaged, frozen raw dog food. These diets are sealed and designed to be stored in a freezer until ready to serve. They come in shelf-stable options as well, including freeze-dried and kibble that has been fortified with raw meat.

Legacy Pet Foods

Paws-itevely Fresh

Legacy Pet Foods’ goal is to see pets enjoying a healthy life while eating quality food. They manufacture the absolute best raw pet food using only the purest ingredients. They personally make your pet’s food so that we can guarantee the quality of food your pet eats. With a large option of flavours available (Beef, Chicken, Duck, Salmon, Turkey) there’s sure to be a Legacy Pet Food flavour that your animal will love!

Legacy prides themselves on only making foods that are biologically ideal for your dogs and cats only using all natural ingredients! With Legacy Pet Foods you get what you pay for, a good solid food that comes from pure protein sources and the 9 best fruits and vegetables for the pets that you love.

K-9 Choice Food

Feeding Canada’s Champions for 20 years
K9 Choice Foods is a family company that is based in Alberta, Canada. One of their most interesting aspects is that they raise many of the livestock used in their recipes. This helps them to control the quality of their products. Not only that, they give them the ability to control how animals are raised. They are free range without hormones or steroids. Also, the age of cattle can be controlled.

What this means for consumers is that their processing facility goes through a more rigorous inspection process than many of the facilities that supply beef to the human food industry.